About Stena Real Estate

We are one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in Sweden focusing on residential- and commercial office buildings.

We are a client focused organisation  managing our property portfolio with our own staff.  Besides managing our property portfolio, we develop cities and towns, and we treat our clients and properties with care. Stena Real Estate develops secure and pleasant urban districts, and we are investing in the future by building thousands of sustainable new homes and workplaces annually. We are developing cities  and provide  offices, rental appartments as well as condominiums . For us, the life takingplace between our buildings is just as important as life in our buildings. That is why we work with long-term projects in cooperation with other parties such as schools, non-profit organisations and authorities. We enhance the cities and towns in which we operate.

Stena Real Estate conducts its activities in and around Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Uppsala, Landskrona and Lund. Our head office is located in Gothenburg.

Stena Real Estate

Stena Real Estate is Stenas international property company and part of the privately owned Swedish Stena Group. Focusing on commercial properties, Stena Real Estate operates in Poland, Holland and the US.